Start a plantain farm


300,000 Cashback

₦300,000 Profit paid yearly, renew after five years

This farm is Insured by Leadway Assurance Company

Farm Unit


To start a Plantain Farm: This project gives you the opportunity to have a Plantain Farm of which you can either cultivate yourself or you allow GREENFOLD FARMERS to farm for you after which you get your ROI yearly, renewable after five years.

On One acre
INVESTMENT -#1,000,000
ROI -#300,000/year

The investment capital of #1,000,000 includes the cost of farmland, seed, and planting.
ROI of #300,000 will be paid yearly and is renewable after five years.

Your farmlands are safe and your investment is protected.

Greenfold farmers are professionals and dedicated farmers with existing track records on-farm practices, as such, we guaranty all farm owners excellent and productive harvest year.


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