processing plant


180,000 Cashback
  • Profit: 3% Paid monthly
  • Duration: 12 months.


Investing in Greenfold Processing Plant

About Greenfold Processing Plant

Greenfold Processing plant is the food processing plant for Greenfold farm projects also a subsidiary of Butren Investment Limited.

The processing plant is located on six acres of land at Mojoda, in close proximity to Isiwo, Ogun state. It’s a type of food service that will be established for commercial operation that processes farm produce for safe human consumption and provides processed food for sale and distribution to other business entities.

Our food processing turns agricultural products such as cassava tubers into cassava bread flour, garri, fufu flower, starch etc.

Our processing plant includes: Rice Milling, Plantain Flower processing, Cassava flower production, starch production, Tomato paste, and instant yam flower production.


Cost of Projects

These projects will cost us approximately N200,000,000 (Two Hundred million naira only)


Investment Opportunities

As investors you can invest minim of N500,000 (Five Hundred thousand naira only) and get up 30% per annum payable every quarter.

E,g: 500,000 at 30%, N1,000,000 at 35% and N5,000,000 (Negotiable).


Exit strategy

All investment is for the period of one year and capital will be paid to the investor with the return on the investor at the 12 months.


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