We are hi-tech agricultural investment firm.

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Who we are

Greenfold Farm Projects is an initiative of Butren Investment Limited which is a subsidary of Mcbuddy Group Limited. We are  hi-tech agricultural investment firm positioned to be a leading agri-tech organization in Africa.

We ensure that agricultural production is not only more environmentally sustainable but is more efficient in growing crops. We scale up production with the use of agricultural machinery to mechanize farm work and process food for safe consumption. 

What we do

Farm in controlled environments

Farming activities and processes are carried out in controlled environments, enabling and enhancing fresh produces and safety for livestock.

Use Machineries

We make use of hi-tech machineries, such as tractors, planters, harvesters, fertilizers and so on, to perform the routine tasks on the farm and most especially improve product value.

Use good quality seed

Seed is the basic input, hence, we make a careful selection of our seeds. Quality seed enhances yield and improves crop overall quality

Process food

We process raw agricultural products into food, or of one form of food into other forms for safe consumption by using appropriate food processing equipments.

Give Investment chances

We give investment chances to individuals who want to be engaged in agribusiness with ease

How It Works

We publicize farm units open for venture and sponsorship with all the essential information.

Interested investors register accordingly and proceed to choose desired farm unit to invest.

Funds are put into use, after the due date for subscription elapses or after farm units have been completely bought into.

The produces are collected and sold. Capital and returns are saved into the investor’s record.

At Greenfold Farm Projects, we generate wealth by making the country grow



Invest in our Farm, let's help you grow your Money!

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